WebGL Insights
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Table of Contents

I. WebGL Implementations
1. ANGLE: A Desktop Foundation for WebGL
Nicolas Capens and Shannon Woods
2. Mozilla's Implementation of WebGL
Benoit Jacob, Jeff Gilbert, and Vladimir Vukicevic
3. Continuous Testing of Chrome's WebGL Implementation
Kenneth Russell, Zhenyao Mo, and Brandon Jones
II. Moving to WebGL
4. Getting Serious with JavaScript
Matthew Amato and Kevin Ring
5. Emscripten & WebGL
Nick Desaulniers
6. Data Visualization with WebGL: from Python to JavaScript
Cyrille Rossant and Almar Klein
7. Teaching an Introductory Computer Graphics Course with WebGL
Ed Angel and Dave Shreiner
III. Mobile
8. Bug-Free and Fast Mobile WebGL
Olli Etuaho
IV. Engine Design
9. WebGL Engine Design in Babylon.js
David Catuhe
10. Rendering Optimizations in the Turbulenz Engine
David Galeano
11. Performance and Rendering Algorithms in Blend4Web
Alexander Kovelenov, Evgeny Rodygin, and Ivan Lyubovnikov
12. Sketchfab Material Pipeline: From File Variations to Shader Generation
Cedric Pinson and Paul Cheyrou-Lagrèze
13. glslify: A module system for GLSL
Chris Dickinson, Hugh S. Kennedy, Mikola Lysenko, and Matt DesLauriers
14. Budgeting Frame Time
Philip Rideout
V. Rendering
15. Deferred Shading in Luma
Nicholas Brancaccio
16. HDR Image-Based Lighting on the Web
Jeff Russell
17. Real-Time Volumetric Lighting for WebGL
Muhammad Mobeen Movania and Lin Feng
18. Terrain Geometry - LOD Adapting Concentric Rings
Florian Bösch
VI. Visualization
19. Data Visualization Techniques with WebGL
Nicolas Garcia Belmonte
20. hare3d - Rendering Large Models in the Browser
Christian Stein, Max Limper, Maik Thoener and Johannes Behr
21. The BrainBrowser Surface Viewer: WebGL-based Neurological Data Visualization
Tarek Sherif
VII. Interaction
22. Usability of WebGL Applications
Jacek Jankowski
23. Designing Cameras for WebGL Applications
Diego Cantor-Rivera and Kamyar Abhari